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Payroll: Period start and end dates

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I would like a feature to set up the payroll period eg. Pay week is Monday to Sunday, payday Tuesday etc. 


when the pay roll is run on Tuesday the dates for the payroll start and end dates would default to the previous monday  and sunday, or what ever the user has set as being the start/end dates for the payweek.


"Payroll period start and end date"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: August 2013

Thank you for your idea. How many other people would like to see this change made. Please vote for this idea and add a comment if you have more to add.

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Whilst the Payroll setup asks for the start day of the week the Process Pays Wizard uses the current system date less seven days. Hence, if a payday is the day after the close of the pay period the wrong dates are suggested.


Can a fix be applied please?

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We regurlarly have employees who submit changes / new timesheets for previous weeks. To be included in the current payrun, the payroll period needs to be adjusted backwards. with multiple people entering timesheets, this becomes impossible, so the pay period always starts on the first day of the payroll year - I would rather see that as the default.

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excellent idea which would save time and prevent errors

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Thank you for your idea. How many other people would like to see this change made. Please vote for this idea and add a comment if you have more to add.
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Agreed - great idea

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I would like to have an option of preset week endings for wages other than the day on which I am processing the actual wages.

I process wages on Wednesday but our pay week ends on Tuesday. This means that every week I have to change the date on the period over which I am calculating wages.

If we could preset the format to have the wages finish on a particular day of the week, then it would alleviate the need to alter the date each week, as it would automatically set the date for the ending day of the week.


Thank you.

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Is there a way to have this field default to the current period being paid? I am manually changing it for each employee, but it would be a lot easier if I could set a default option


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Just a thought.


I suppose you could always copy and paste the required data.


How many employees do you have?

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This would be a great time saver for me also !

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YES! if it automatically defaulted to the NEXT UNPROCESSED PAY PERIOD, it would stop me having to look it up in transaction journal every time and eliminate the possibility of errors.