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Payroll Report Detailed





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I would like to add a Filter to include a column showing the pay period for each payslip and grouped by employee for a set period..... just like the Super Accrued Detail Report but for wages paid.

This will help us reconcile wages when entered by the client. A good check to ensure no one is missed in a pay period.
Ultimate Partner Geoff_
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Hi @kathavachat


How about if you run the Employees Activity Summary Report and then set the filters to Period and Employee?


To Make sure no one has been missed out you could then check this against the Employee Summary Report without the Employee Filter


To find details of the pays made for each employee I would use the Activity Detail Report


To create any additional filters in your reports you could create Custom Lists


Just a thought

Partner kathavachat
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Thanks Geoff - I've looked at this again but it is the Pay Period which I need to sort by.  It is a good report but can't be sorted by that - even when exported to Excel.  The Super Accrual by Fund Detail report is how I would like to see a Wages report.  It has a separate column for the pay period.  Maybe the MYOB Tech Guys can work on this - or maybe use the Payroll Advice Report & move the Pay Period to a column which we can then sort by?? 


Anyway thanks for your suggestions.  I did look at it again but it is just so many steps that should be in one simple report... hope MYOB is listening.