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Payroll: Superannuation category calculate based on hours (under 18 year old)




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Superannuation guarantee Payments in Australia must be paid for all employees (there are some minor exceptions)  that are paid $450 or more in any calender month .


However if the employee is under 18 years of age they must also ( in addition to the $450 requirement) work at least 30 hours per week . This 30 hour requirement is confirmed by both "Australian Tax Office " and " Fairwork Australia"


MYOB does not have the 30 hour requirement in the algorithm , and as a consequence my business which employees a large number of junior casual staff has been paying superannuation unnecessarily . (Over $2,500 in the last two years)


I run MYOB Accountright Plus with the latest updates


MYOB product specialist agrees the 30 hour test is not in their software.


This issue can be worked around by "de checking "  superannuation in the card file and reinstating if the employee works 30 hours , but this is not the type of activity that should need to be done.


I suggest MYOB correct their software


'MYOB AccountRight Plus does not treat Superannuation correctly"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @SteveHneedshelpAnyone else who would like to be able to automatically exclude employees under the age of 18 who work less than 30 hours a week from superannuation calculations, please cast your vote here.

MYOB Moderator Liam_M
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MYOB Moderator

Thanks for your suggestion @SteveHneedshelpAnyone else who would like to be able to automatically exclude employees under the age of 18 who work less than 30 hours a week from superannuation calculations, please cast your vote here.

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I agree, something needs to be done so that we aren't paying super unncessarily.


Having the employee's age on the payroll window would also help us identify the correct super contributions and their pay rates are correct.

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Community Manager

Thank you for your feedback, @interAccounts. It has been passed on to our developer team. 

Partner SmithyUpdates
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Does anyone know if this will be included in upcoming updates? It has been over a year now since this post and I cannot find a way to exclude under 18yo employees who do not work 30 or more hours from superannuation accrual.


In addition, it would be good to have an age limit for superannuation accrual, so the super will begin accruing when the employee turns 18 and is earning over the $450 gross threshold a month.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @SmithyUpdates


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea

Currently this idea has been marked as Under Consideration as something that we are still considering investigating adding in later versions of the software. At this stage we don't have direct time frame or update number when this particular idea will be marked for development and included in the program. However we are still encouraging clients that would like to see this idea included to vote, and comment if required, for this idea.

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Is there any idea when this will be implemented?  Very frustrating, I also have clients who have been overpaying and the manual process is time consuming. 

I wonder how many people aren't even aware of the 30 hour per week rule.

I only found out about it because my 16 year old daughter started working for Woolworths and they didn't pay the super.


Hopefully this is updated in next upgrade





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MYOB - when you are considering this, can you also consider the super maximum contributions base - for those people lucky enough to earn that amount of money and only need to pay 9.5% on the max base (ie approx $200k indexed every year x 9.5%).


Partner Kerrin28
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How is this going?

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I am just curious as to whether this has progressed any further as it is now over 3 years since the suggetion was made and I am not sure if there is yet a solution to the problem.

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I am surprised this is still an open topic after 3 years. So many of my clients struggle with this as well as birthday alerts for pay rate change. We employ nearly 100 under 21 year olds and it would be a great help to have a notification to change pay rate (and wish them a Happy Birthday), as well as correctly calculate superannuation for them.