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Payroll: Superannuation category calculate based on hours (under 18 year old)




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Superannuation guarantee Payments in Australia must be paid for all employees (there are some minor exceptions)  that are paid $450 or more in any calender month .


However if the employee is under 18 years of age they must also ( in addition to the $450 requirement) work at least 30 hours per week . This 30 hour requirement is confirmed by both "Australian Tax Office " and " Fairwork Australia"


MYOB does not have the 30 hour requirement in the algorithm , and as a consequence my business which employees a large number of junior casual staff has been paying superannuation unnecessarily . (Over $2,500 in the last two years)


I run MYOB Accountright Plus with the latest updates


MYOB product specialist agrees the 30 hour test is not in their software.


This issue can be worked around by "de checking "  superannuation in the card file and reinstating if the employee works 30 hours , but this is not the type of activity that should need to be done.


I suggest MYOB correct their software


'MYOB AccountRight Plus does not treat Superannuation correctly"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @SteveHneedshelpAnyone else who would like to be able to automatically exclude employees under the age of 18 who work less than 30 hours a week from superannuation calculations, please cast your vote here.

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Wow, i can not believe that this is not a feature of MYOB software, this is not a wide known fact regarding the 30 hours in a week also - i know it has cost us significant dollars in addtional Super contributions that have been made but not been due.  We pay a lot of money to use this software, i expect to have the rules set up so that we dont have to rely on user knowledge and flicking between turing super on and off to ensure compliance for both tax and superannuation.  That is one of the reasons we pay so much for the software!

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Has any movement been made on the above? It is a tiresome process having to check the hours worked each month in order to add back super on employees who are under 18.