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Payroll: Use recurring transaction





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It would be helpful if you could "Use Recurring" for those people who are paid same money each week.

It would also be helpful of you could change the description once you have made the payment - a bit like when you pay bills you can go back and change the date.  So the payroll body you could not touch, but you could alter where it was being paid from, the description and cheque type.


Statements would be good if you could show the amount of money paid regardless if the invoice was paid in full a bit like an open statement.  So many times in the various businesses I go to I am asked why does the statements not show part payments/full payments.


When recieving money or paying a bill through the sales tab and purchase tab it would be good if it allowed you to choose the bank account/credit card that you were receiving or paying the money from, instead of going out of the transcation and going into received money or pay bills.


"Payroll - Statements - Receivables/Payables"

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Recurring Payroll -  to be able to set a payroll entry to process automatically like the spend money would be most helpful.