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Prepare Electronic Payments: Statement text from from Card field and cheque number

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From MYOB:


When making payment on purchase (Pay Bills) or using Banking>>Spend Money (or recording a Pay*) and selecting the option to Group with Electronic Payments you will get the option for Statement Text. This Statement text field by default will look at the selected supplier's card and pull the Statement Text field in the Payment Details tab. If the field on the card is blank then it will resort back to the default which is "Payment <Cheque No.> ". If required you can change the default on a per transaction basis if needed.


New Idea:


To enable statement text so that it can pull from the card and also have a variable field included such as the Cheque No. 

e.g.  "abc co payment <Cheque No.>"

This would enable the supplier to match the payment to one customer and their remittance advice.


"Statement Text" customised text from Card file and variable Cheque No"