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Print/Email Invoices: Purchase order number column

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Would be super handy if in the 'print/email invoice' window you could add the option to display the 'customer purchase order number' column, along with invoice number, date, customer etc. similar to the option available in the receive payments window.




"Emailing Invoices - Purchase Order Number"

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Po numbers section is need for identification when distributors have multiple customers that we send to directly 

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Yes  when i go to Email an invoice  to a customer i will add our Packing slip number/Job Number and there order number to the Subject line, This gives the invoice complete taceability and allows you to find out if a purchase order has been sent as an invoice. (ie Search sent Emails for order number)

I also update the message to make it clear who they are receiving the invoice from other wise they look like SPAM 

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It would be great if we could customise the print/email invoices screen - for instance, I would like to see the PO numbre displayed.