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Print/Email Pay slips: Password protected

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Our wish item is for the PDF pay slip that is attached to emailed pays to be password protected.  Apparently the NZ payroll software (which I understand is a separate piece of software to AccountRight Enterprise) supports passwords.  In this age of increased privacy and security it would help put our employees minds at ease.  Thanks for your consideration of this valuable feature.


"Password protected payslips for AccountRight Enterprise"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2013

Thanks for the idea PayrollRob. I can certainly see how having a password on PDF payslips would add an extra layer of security for employees. We would love to hear what other users think about this. Please add a vote if you would like to see this added.

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Is this not required under Australian Privacy laws ?

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It was recommended to provide this feedback. I am not sure why when your competitors already do this and suspect MYOB want to remain relevant.


You already do plenty of updates throughtout the year and this would be a very easy one.


Set up password protection for payslips and remittances.


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Interesting that there has been no progress on this idea since 2013. 


Most other software does this now days, would love to see this made a priority for privacy reasons.


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In this day and age where every second day you hear of companies' data and personal information being hacked and appearing in the dark web, I am wondering whether we could change the current system to enable payslips to be password protected.  This is a topic that I regularly hear from employees.