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Print/Email: Remove Un-emailed or unprinted From Print/Email Lists

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It would be great to be able to clean these areas out periodically without having to resort to printing to PDF or taking outlook offline

Trusted User Julie_B
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Hi everyone


I really appreciate the new way of printing to a .PDF - meaning that we can individually attach files to emailsif we choose not to send immediately via email.


However, I occasionally use this function to clear out unwanted information showing, ie, clients don't print these items, but if they haven't ticked the box they sit there waiting to be printed, etc... so I have always printed to a .PDF writer, which used to then bulk all these items together.


Is there a chance that we could put in there somewhere to choose whether we wanted these to print individually or in one file? ... as saving one at a time, when sometimes clients have hundreds of these outstanding, isn't an option.




MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thanks for your Suggestion Leanne, this sounds like it could be a real time saver and we would be happy to look into adding this into a future update. Other users who would like to see this added, please remember to vote too so we can see how much demand there is for this feature.
Experienced Partner Radbooks
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This would be amazing if this could be implemented so painful and time consuming having to print or take emails offline.


Debbie Demooy

Rad Bookkeeping

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Not being able to dump unsent emails and unprinted has always been a problem.  I am surprised it has not been considered before now.  Heres hoping



Former Staff Tallie_M
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Hi there @Radbooks and @judehalls,


Thank you for your comments and feedback in regards to having a more functional way to clear the unsent transactions in the To Be Printed / To Be Emailed window. We most definitely do believe that this is a suggestion that would benefit a lot of clients.


Everyone who would like to see this idea incorported into AccountRight, please do cast your vote by selecting the '+ VOTE' button next to the idea heading.




Experienced Cover User Tanya_Spence
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Can we please have a "remove all" button or selectively remove items from the print or email remittances.  I find that I have a massive list of unemailed and/or unprinted remittances that I no longer wish to send. 

Experienced Cover User Patti_Syme
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Yes please.  That would be very handy.

Contributing Cover User Rowlands
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I downloaded Cutepdf and just sent them all to that, saved it onto the desktop and deleted the whole lot in one go.  Was brilliant, I had years of old stuff sitting to be emailed or printed, that I didn't want.

Experienced Cover User Tanya_Spence
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Thank you Rowlands, but yes that used to work fabulously in the Classic version but not as well in the new one and doesn't help with the to be emailed which is more the issue.


Super Partner Kerry_Black
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With the to be emailed, if you are using Outlook go into work offline mode, send all your emails, go into your Outbox in Outlook and delete them, and then turn Outlook back to work online mode