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Print/Email: Remove Un-emailed or unprinted From Print/Email Lists




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It would be great to be able to clean these areas out periodically without having to resort to printing to PDF or taking outlook offline

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2014

Thanks for your Suggestion Leanne, this sounds like it could be a real time saver and we would be happy to look into adding this into a future update. Other users who would like to see this added, please remember to vote too so we can see how much demand there is for this feature.

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Can't believe this is still an issue after so long and so many requests.  We should be able to access the preferences for Spend Money to set as Already Printed.  Surely there has to be a more efficient way to clean up the files and be able to delete all the old transactions??

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Would love to easily be able to delete all those unsent payslips etc. I have been trying to do this for years. Now i have just emailed payslips through the process payroll and it sent all the old unsent emails to everyone. Some people got 60 emails. How frustrating..

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I see that this has been going on since 2014. It really is time that this was addressed without having to resort to such a Heath-Robinson work around.

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I see this prev feed dates back to 2014 and still nothing done about it. I have myself been requesting this for years along with a long list of  issues/ user UNfriendly processes in MYOB. Its a pointless exercise as nothing ever changes. I understand that people need to complain about things enothugh to even have any chance of changes, but seriously we all get sick of trying, so in the end we give up and go to another program . There are so many small changes that would make a huge difference to the daily  functions used to keep MYOB in line with the updated functions of other programs such as Xero.

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Deleting emails and invoices already printed or emailed:    I wonder how many times we have to ask for this facilty to be added, takes so long to delete individually why cant this be done easiil.  Myob is in no way user friendly ?????

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I agree ! Please make this function easier

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It would be a great feature - saves time cancelling out old 'not printed' / 'not emailed' - Invoices/remittances/payslips etc.

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8 years and 286 requests for a sensible suggestion from @Leanne_Berry , but this is still not important enough to implement.

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Yes a great idea. I have lists dating back to 2001 and even printing to pdf causes my system to crash. A 'clear all' option would be such a time saver too.

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Please please fix this. I'm using AccountRight again for the first time in years and I can't believe this is still not a feature. Please tell me I can do this in the browser version?