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Printing Packing Slip without having to print the invoice

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Hi there,


In our business (and I am sure in many others) we like to have a hard copy of the packing slip with the goods. After the goods are delivered successfully we then send the customer the invoice via email. In some cases it can be a few days between printing the packing slip and invoicing the customer (to allow for any delays/changes). 

The software currently does not allow you to have the invoice delivery status as 'to be emailed' and print a copy of the packing slip (unless of course you have the invoice status as to be emailed and printed which means you have to also print a copy of the invoice). 

I would like the option of being able to print the packing slip (only packing slip-not print a copy of the invoice) and then later email the Tax Invoice to the customer. 

I hope this feature can be included in a future version of the software as I believe it would be used by multiple businesses who use hard copy of packing slips and electronic copies of invoice. 




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Yes its silly you cant just print the packing slip.

I currently:

- Turn order into invoice

- Select print, when the print screen comes up, select print to PDF.

- when it asks for destination folder, i select Cancel.

- The prompt for print packing slip still comes up, Select print as you normaly do..


Myob closes the sale......... This is stupid..

So you have to re-enter the invoice number to bring the sale up.

- then i email the invoice to client.


I don't underastand why you cant record the sale (window stays open), print what you want (invoice, packing slip ore both) and then email to client all in the one action..

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Hi there


Just wondering if there is a solution for being able to do this with the current version of MYOB AR Live.

I have a client that requires this and has also asked MYOB support on previous occasions and to date has not been given any solution.


It was possible to print packing slips without having to print sales invoices in older versions ie pre AR Live.

So why can't this be included in the next product update?




Frank La Delfa



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I too would like to see this