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Printing from a list should print in the order shown on screen

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Hi Guy's,


I was dissappointed to find that in a list, if you change the sorted by and ascending or descending by clicking on the list headings, once you tick the items you want to print, they still print in a set order...


i.e. We print out monthly statements, then print all open invoices that appear on those statements. In V19, the list sorted by invoice number ascending, so you tick them all and they printed. This was no good when it came time to match them to their statements as the statements were in alphabetical order- for obvious reasons. With 2014 and the new feature to sort by column, i had hoped that we could sort by card name, ascending (basically alphabetical order with cards that had multiple open invoices they would appear all together), click the select all tick box and print and it would produce a printed copy of exactly what was on the screen (in the same order), however... it just prints all ticked invoices in invoice number order anyway...


**bleep**! back to the old "advanced", type customer name, ok, tick all, print, next... VERY TIME CONSUMING. Especially with 450+ statements to print each month!


If the invoices would just print in the order they are displayed on screen for now, it would save us bucket loads of time, but a better solution is to have an option in the print statements window to also print all open invoices that appear on that statement so MYOB prints the statement and all its invoices, then the next statements and it's invoices, etc...


PLEASE add this to your list of improvements and people, please vote!


In the meantime, i am working on ways to send invoices and statements via email only... a better all round solution...