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Printing to PDF

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Please bring back the ability to print to PDF in AccountRight2019 without all the fields showing the box outlines  - as we could do in previous versions without a problem.  Basic operation really......  I know we can Send to Disc but we should be able to just print to PDF - as we always could!

Contributing User Annelisa
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You can print to PDF for invoices but not packing slips- I need to print Packing slips as PDFs

and they all have those ugly grey boxes around them- so unprofessional


please someone give me a fix or a gin!

Experienced User jules10
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Hi Annelisa - it is so annoying especially when we could always print to PDF.  The only way around it is to go Send To (near the print icon) and then select Disk...


At least this way we can actually print a PDF.


Good luck..