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Purchases: Ability to add supplier items number

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We would like to see the following feature introduced to MYOB purchasing.

When sending quotes, orders or purchases to multiple suppliers, often each supplier has their own unique part number for the same product.  When we change suppliers, we spend far too much time changing their unique part number in the inventory part.  

For example we have the following suppliers - Alfa, Bravo and Charlie.  They can all supply the same widget. 

Our part number is WIDGET-1

Alpha's part number is WIDG-XYZ

Bravo's part number is WIDG-ABC

Charlies part number is WIDG-MNO

Each time we change suppliers, we have to alter the inventory card to suit the supplier.  When we are ordering large quantities of various items, the time to change the card is too much.

Can MYOB add a feature which will retain each suppliers part numbers relevant to each item?


"Purchasing from multiple suppliers"