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Purchases: Pay Bills - refresh window after changes are made

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If you're paying a supplier through the Purchases - Pay Bills window and notice an invoice is incorrect, it can no longer be corrected in that screen.  Instead you have to correct the invoice, close out of the Pay bills screen, loosing all selected invoice info, before opening the Pay Bills window and starting again.


Previously you could open the invoice and correct it, go back to the Pay Bills screen and the corrected invoice amount would be there.


As we work with international currencies, we find the ability to make these changes on the fly very important


"Fixing invoices in Purchases - Pay Bills window, Account right Standard"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2016

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2015.3 the Receive Payments and Pay Bills windows will automatically refresh when a change is made to a transaction in another window.

For more information into this and how to obtain AccountRight 2015.3 please see AccountRight 2015.3 now available

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Me again,


In Paid Bills if you need to amend the Purchase amount before applying the payment, after changing the amount of the bill you have to close Paid Bills and re-open Paid Bills then make make the payment.  In other words after making the change to the bill the window doesn't re-fresh.



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There have to be some security measures in place and this would be one of them.  I have a fulltime job fixing errors people have made in MYOB.  Just know that there is a very good reason for this.

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In AR19.7 in the Pay Bills window, if you drill down and make a change to a Bill before paying it (let's say you had to convert USD to AUD to match the result of the overseas EFT payment you just made), the new Bill total immediately appears in the Pay Bills list.


In AR2013, the above does not occur. After making the change, you then have to close the Pay Bills window, or switch to another supplier, and then re-open the supplier you wish to pay so that the new correct Bill total shows.


Why? Why? Why? ... or ... why not have a REFRESH button?


Ray Jordan

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I agree.   Have been asking this question since the pilot programme.


a Huge step backward from the original programme.



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Thanks for the idea Walkerhagley. I can certainly see how updating the purchase amount from the pay bills window and having the amount display immediately would be a great time saver. We may need to add a simple refresh button on this window. If other users would like to see this, please show your support and add a vote.
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Having the Pay Bills window refresh automatically would be great.  If this isn't possible, then we need to be able to manually refresh it without closing & reopening it.


There are many times where a purchase needs to be amended, or a new purchase added (statement from supplier had invoice which wasn't entered into MYOB prior to processing the payment).


It is rather frustrating when you have almost completed a Pay Bills with multiple bills being paid at once  only to find that you are missing one or that an invoice had a different amount entered, and you need to close and redo all that work purely because it is no longer refreshing.

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This would provide a huge time saver

Oftentimes it is necessary to adjust supplier bills or enter new invoices to be paid while you are trying to pay bills. Currently you have to exit out of the window for the refresh to take place
MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions Leanne. This idea is certainly something that we'll add in to be looked at. There is a similar suggestion for the same feature in a different area here that I'd suggest that you vote on as well:
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I have just been onto Live Chat with this problem.  If  you are able to 'refresh' during a bank rec, why is  the same feature not avail for 'pay bills'?

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Can anyone tell me if the request for the Pay Bills screen refresh button has been looked at?

I have advised this prior, during the pilot programs use and since.

When paying bills, one cannot add another charge, bill etc without closing down the pay bill screen, go

add the new invoice, charge and start the pay bill scenario again.

This was available in V19 .


Please advise