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Purchases: Second selection of Liability Account for Tracking Payables account

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I have a list of Creditors generated from my POS system. I wish to be able to seperate them from my General creditors at point of data entry.

Eg         2-1220 Acumen Creditors.      (My POS System)

      &    2-1240 Non-Acumen Creditors   (ie Non trading creditors such as Gas & Electric, Rates, insurances, Govt , Motor vehicles etc.)



Peter Nash


2-0000 Liabilities
      2-1000 Current Liabilities
            2-1200 Creditors
                   2-1220 Acumen Creditors $293,099.09
                   2-1240 Non Acumen Creditors $33,588.26
                                                                                                              Total Creditors $326,687.35


"Option for a 2nd "Liability Account for Tracking Payables""


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