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Purge: Cards

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New Zealand

It would be great if there was a way of bulk deleting, or bulk merging of unused cards and especially items. 


"Bulk deleting of cards or items'

Delete cards

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: June 2014

Thanks for the great suggestion Helen. Anyone who would like to be able to hide, merge or delete unused cards or items in bulk, please cast your vote here. Also if you have suggestions on how this feature could work (such as the excellent verification suggestion left by Kelly81 above), please make a comment here.

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 In an effort to clean out past customer cards I receive the message "This customer has a linked Job". The solution to this according to your knowledge base says "Open each Job until you identify which Job(s) the unwanted card is linked to." The problem with this is we have several thousand jobs in our jobs list and the above solution would take a considerable amount of time to do. Not to mention this particular customer may have a few hundred jobs linked to their card.


We have been in business (and using MYOB) for almost 10 years. Clients come and clients go and approximately 90 % of our customer cards are superflous. I realise we can make the card inactive but we frequently do client mail merges using customer data from MYOB and the data requires a significant amount of work to remove the former client data each time before it is usable. Thanking you for you consideration in this matter.


Regards, Tony Tuccillo


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I would be very interested to know the answer to this question.

If you found a solution Tony, please let me know!

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I am unable to delete old employee cards even though they have not been used for over 7 years.  Please put a program in place to allow this.

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Adding on to this, it is possible to delete old cards when all historic transactions attached to them have been purged. This is a very cumbersome process and causes so much grief that often plan B is used - putting 'ZZZ' in front of the name of the card and making it inactive.


It would be fantastic if there was an easier way to purge or de-link transactions from cards which would subsequently allow the cards to be deleted.

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Good afternoon to all the Subscribers,


I have a list of Suppliers and Clients alike that I no longer use for the past several years (4 to 6 years).   Adding new clients and suppliers makes the lists longer and less user friendly.   I have deactivated those I no longer wish to use but they remain on the list because of prior years' history which I do have on back up should I ever need to go back to that data.


Anybody with a smart solution, please!   I shall very much appreciate your advice.


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In this situation I like our people to create a card called  ZZ Inactive Cards, then do repeated Combine Cards with this being the target card. One word of warning - once combined their history becomes part of that card.

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Hi Ron,


Thanks for your advice.   Come to think of, it id a cool idea.   Wioll do that as is clear that it would not be possible at all to delete an account name in the Suppliers,- or Customers' lists.


Once again, thank you!


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Hi Nico,


We at Accounting Addons provide a facility where this type of process can be automated in bulk to speed time.


In the past, customers would send us their database and we would cleanse it overnight or over the weekend. However, we have made some progress into make this solution closer to being useable on site. You would possibly be guinea pigs, however :-)


If you are interested, first check out this page and drop us a line.



Lead developer at Accounting Addons.

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Yes please - especially crucial for inactive items. I have clients with 10's of thousands of stock codes - no longer used.

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Have a look at the following link, it may help.