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Receive Payments: Automatically add hyphen to BSB entry

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We used to be able to enter a cheque BSB number and it would be accepted. Now we have ensure the hyphen is in the right place yet in other areas of MYOB this is not the case (i.e. the hyphen enters itself). Can you please re-enable the MYOB to format the BSB itself as this is just one of those really frustrating little annoyances about the live version. One less frustration with the live version would be great.


"BSB Entry Improvement"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: November 2017

Hi Everyone

Thank you to everyone who showed their support for this idea.

I'm pleased to announce in AccountRight 2017.2 you will no longer have to manually enter the hyphen for BSB entries in the Receive Payments window. This will be done automatically.

You can find out more information about this change and other changes, including information on obtaining AccountRight 2017.2 from AccountRight 2017.2 now available.

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Subject : Preparation of Bank Deposit Description: Can I please request for your next update that when you are doing a receive payment by cheque - in the details section, can we please have a default dash, so that we only have to enter the bsb numerals and not the dash
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When typing in the cheque details when receipting a payment the BSB now needs to have the dash typed in.  This is only a small problem but it can be a pain.  Can the fields that require BSB's automatically include the dash without it being typed.  I believe that the dash is not required to be typed when filling in the account details in a card file for a supplier.

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A suggestion from Helen, one of our clients.


When you put bank details into MYOB perhaps they could make it uniform on how it is entered.


ie In the supplier cards, the dash is automatically put into the bsb details area, but not in the customer cards or when you receive a payment, say a chq and you want to enter the chq details, you have to put in the dash otherwise it comes up with an error. 


Even though it seems to be a little thing, keeping it the same is easier. And this has certainly frustrated our client. 


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Hi @TrudiW 

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight Live and entering of BSB numbers.

Is there a particular window that you are referring to when it not populating the BSB number with hyphens?

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Sorry I did not clarify that as in some windows it does work (such as Supplier bank details). I am referring to Receive Payments and/ or Receive Money when entering a cheque details. I put in the 6 digits (usually looking at the cheque) and a red cross appears telling me it is incorrect. In previous versions this was not an issue as the hyphen would place itself. Only a little thing but nevertheless frustrating. Thanks for your response.

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Hello Trudi,

I fully agree.

this missing feature is a real PITA.

I would love to see it fixed to work as v19.



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Thanks for your feedback @TrudiW Anyone else who would like to have the hyphen automatically inserted when entering a BSB on the payment details while recording receive money or receive payments, please cast your vote here.

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This is annoying to me also. Little things that save time go towards being more productive.

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HI @Sue0908 

Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea.

Along with commenting if you would like to show your support for an idea on the AccountRight Idea's Exchange I would encourage you to vote for the idea. You can vote for an idea via selecting + Vote button next to the Idea's name.

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