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Receive Payments: Disable Finance Charge

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We don't use the Finance Change option.

I've even unticked it in the Linked Accounts option.


When I'm receiving payments, sometimes I'll tab through and all of a sudden there is a figure in the finance charge box that i have to delete and reapply somewhere else.

We never ever use this feature, and if there's no linked account, it would be good if this text box was set to ENABLED=FALSE if there is no linked account, so it wont allow accidental entry.

"Disable Finance Charge feature (in Receive Payments window)"


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@Trav9999 @Steven_M @Cloud_Mind @ronatbas




The automatic posting of figures to Finance Charges has been a bugbear for many years.


In my view, the feature should be removed.

During twenty years of helping business owners, no client has used the feature.



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I suggested this feature about 5 years ago. Still annoyingly there at the bottom of the payment screen.

Please enable us to TURN FINANCE CHARGE OFF.