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Recurring Transactions: Record on due date, not when file is opened

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The functionality of MYOB AccountRight offers to record Recurring Entries automatically on a due date. However,  if the file is not opened on the due date next time the file is opened the system date is used instead of the nominated date.


Can a fix be considered please?

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Hi BA, thank you for your suggestion. This is something we have received a fair amount of feedback on and will certainly consider it as an improvement to add into a future release.

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Hi @hughesg


Thank you for your additional feedback in regards to this idea and pointing out the tool tip information to make sure that is looked into as well.

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The only request I have made of MYOB is to change the auto recording of transactions so they post on the due date  and not on the date you subsequently open the program.


Has this been actioned yet?   it is extremely frustrating for a small business - especially when you go away on annual holidays and face a multitude of postings all with posting dates being the day you got back from holidays!!!

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Hi @Dabel


Thank you for posting your follow up on recurring transactions, I have merged it with this idea already on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

Currently this idea is Under Consideration as something that the program development team are still considering adding to the program in future updates. At this stage we don't have a timeframe for when this idea will be placed in development or implemented in the program however in the meantime we do encourage clients that would like to see this idea included to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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Is anything going to get sorted in regards to recurring transactions and journals etc being recorded on the date the MYOB is opened an not on the date that was allocated.  I know its been brought up before and looks like its under consideration. 

Can anyone tell me if there is going to be improvement on this topic to ensure transactions are recorded on the correct date. 


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I use Recurring Transactions to ensure that automatic drawings from banking accounts are also automatically entered in MYOB.

BUT - there are some transactions that just skip and are not posted.  

Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong when I set up the recurring transactions - I can't see any issues.


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This seems like an essential and simple concept but almost 6 years on we are still waiting. I have a supplier that invoices us every Sunday. Every Monday morning I open the recurring transaction that is automatically recorded when I fire up MYOB and change the date on the invoice to the day before. The recurring transaction is set up for Sunday and that's the date it should post under, otherwise what's the point of having a next due date?

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I'm thinking that if this is an issue that has been raised since 2012 then surely it must be awful close to becoming a reality!!!

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This is a joke!! This was asked almost 6 years ago! Perhaps time to look elsewhere!