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Reintroducing keyboard shortcuts into "Reporting" module in MYOB




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Hi MYOB Community,


I know that this has been discussed in some threads however, is there a way to get keyboard shortcuts, such as CTRL+P  back into the reporting funcion (whether it be custom reports or invoices). As a 'keyboard' person I do miss this functionality (very recently upgraded from v19.6). While it may seem like a minor bugbear, it is very frustrating that this (what would seem to be) a standard functionality in most software packages.





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Hello @AtomicPotato 

Account Right still has the previous ability to use Alt shortcuts but they are not at first obvious.

Press the Alt key and the shortcut letter will be underlined.

cheers David

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I hope this reply doesn't come up twice as my screen decided to refresh itself mid typing!


I second this notion! I tried MYOB live a couple of years back and come to hate it pretty quickly for it's lack of user friendliness compared to v19.  I deleted it pretty quickly and avoided it like the plague until I got a notice saying v19 will no longer be upgraded Smiley Sad.  Sadly it seems the problems I had 3-4 years ago still exist in this software. I loved the keyboard shortcuts, especially for running reports, made things so fast.  MYOB live feels like a leap backwards with how much effort it takes to do things, and then you have to deal with all the bugs in the export/import processes!! No idea where developers were thinking with this platform.  Makes me want to try a completely different accounting package!

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I agree. I do use a lot of keyboard shortcuts, but the "pay all" shortcut doesn't work when allocating a payment from the bank feeds. 

The other (separate issue, I know) thing is that now you have to click IN the boxes to make selections for reports instead of just anywhere on the line of that job/account/whatever.

And so many dropdown boxes that even if you tab to them, you can't select anything without the mouse. 


My unresearched and completely unsubstantiated theory, is that the developers are younger than me and have grown up with touch screens.They don't understand how much easier typing is on the wrists than mousework.