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Remittance Advices: Separate email address

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As email is coming more into play, companies are wanting EFT Remittance advice sent direct to accounts and orders sent direct to sales.  Are more email addresses able to be added.  Or can this already be done without having to change the address each time.


"Add ability to send to multiple email addresses at once from inside MYOB software"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: November 2013

Great suggestions everyone! We are pleased that the ability to send to multiple email addresses has now been included in AccountRight 2013.4, available now. Thanks again for all your votes and comments.

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Not only do we need to send to more than one address per supplier or Customer, but why can we not send all remittance advices at the same time instead of having to allow each one seperately.  Do you know how long I have to sit at the computer in order to send 60 advices at the end of each month?

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Yes Yes Yes and Xstiitcher try Click Yes for your issue

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Especially a problem with Employee Pay Advices...takes too long to eMail each employee seperately!!! What an archaic method...must be an easier way.

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Can a cc facility be made available when emailing invoice? We have a number of clients who require copies of the invoice to go to two ir more recipients.

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This is a good idea - it will avoid people in larger organisations saying they did not receive a copy etc. when it went to accounts and the departments do not talk to each other.

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We have a number of clients that request invoices be emailed to a number of different departments and having the ability to email invoices to more than one email address would be a great improvement.

Could this be implemented asap??

Many thanks

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I agree this would be great new feature to add to the product, I encourage anyone that would like to see this feature added to add their vote. We will consider this in a future release of the software.
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We would love this also - both for emailing invoices and statements.

Typically we need to send to 2 emails - one for accounts one for the workshop manager.


We use MYOB AccountRight Premier v19

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Hi - I would like to be able to select different email addresses depending on what I'm trying to do..  Eg: Our orders need to go to particular email addresses and the remittances need to go to another address within the same company.  Maybe we should be able to choose what email (eg: email1 / email2) to use with what form.


Thanks Smiley Happy

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This is a good idea - I think it has already been posted on the idea exchange - perhaps you would like to vote for it there too (ie the more votes the better - i think it has 28 so far).


See link: