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Report: ATO Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

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Will we be able to use AccountRight to submit forms to the ATO with future updates of AccountRight?


I expected that we'd be able to submit Tax File Number Declarations with the current release as the function was said to be in beta testing for at least the last 2 years.


I've read the support note here but it doesn't give any indication that it will be functional in this current release.


It would be a very useful feature for anyone using myob as their payroll software.


So, any updates?





Current Status: Planned
Last Changed: October 2016

Hi all,


Thank you to everyone who registered to pilot a new service, between MYOB and the ATO.


Our team is currently working on making the completion and lodgement of BAS much simpler and faster. Once done, we will look into other aspects of the SBR initiative, like electronic lodgement of TFNs. We will keep you posted via this idea post and the AccountRight Blog.




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Is there a time frame on when we will be able to lodge TFN's through MYOB software? Xero is looking more and more appealing everyday this isn't available. 




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Is there a time frame on when MYOB will be able to lodge TFN declarations? Have been hearing for ages that it's coming but yet it's still not here. Please advise if it is actually ever going to happen and when. Other software is already offering this feature. 



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so dissapointing that this is still just a idea...... 

Planned for how long now?


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Surely MYOB has worked out the software so TFN Declarations can be lodged to the ATO!! It's always talked about but we still haven't seen anything. We have about 15 employees starting next week and I can't believe I will have to hand write each declaration and then post them off. I love MYOB as a program and have only ever used it since our business started 11years ago, but this is extremely frustrating.

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Come on MYOB - get your act together on this one!!  Xero is tapping us on the shoulder ........

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So 7 years ago this idea was floated and was suggested that MYOB was working on it... Xero appears more and more attractive every day.

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I dont beleive that in Accountright (I beleive essentials does this) when you enter the tax information into an employee card that a declaration is sent through to the ATO and we are still required to complete the paper copy and post.


If possible can this be set up to automatically feed through, or is this now part of single touch payroll, and paper tax declarations not required as they are on the STP report

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This is seriously LONG overdue. Other software providers offer electronic lodgment of TFN declarations and client on-boarding. MYOB needs to add this as a priority upgrade.


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When is MYOB going to catch up with other software and make it possible to lodge the employee Tax File Declarations online. This is something that should be available by now

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I cannot believe that I am still having to send paper forms into the ATO when MYOB is listed as a program that I can electronically submit TFN declarations with on the ATO website... Surely this should be a priority?