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Report: Ability to create own report

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I've been struggling with MYOB for a while trying to make the custom report I want and finally dropped the idea.

To create a custom report: I need to open a prebuilt report, then select the field I want/don't want and then save as a custom report. 

Main problem is predesigned reports have a limited list of available fields to customise the report. And I lose time going from one to another to finally find the predesigned report that is close to what I need and then customise it. Even so, result is not perfect and I still have a lot of work to do on the file.


I would be awesome if we could create a custom report from scratches without being linked to a predesigned one. Then we could select just the fields we need, order them the way we want and finally have a real full custom report that fits our needs !


"Full custom reports"

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Hi there @Khman,


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.


The pre-built reports were essentially created to help businesses avoid the hassle of needing to manually extract the information they wanted. The ability to customise these reports were, again, to assist in avoiding the hassle of needing to produce a new report from scratch (i.e. allowing clients to simply make small modifications to an already existing report). Having said that, we can certainly see how building a report from scratch offers more flexibility to those who have specific reporting requirements.


Anyone else who would like to see this feature in the software, please cast your vote by clicking on the thumbs up icon.

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Hi Jennifer_Kelly,


Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately that means we have to go and spend additional $$ for functionality that should be available out of the box.  These 3rd party ad-ons are extremely expensive if you're only requiring 1 thing like I do in this case.  It may be justifiable for @okcorale however for a small business it's not.


$17/mo for me to get access to 1 field in a report that I might run a few times a month doesn't stack up.


Just further frustration and questions as to why we bothered moving away from Quickbooks which seemed to offer a lot more functionality.





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Hi Jennifer_Kelly and @DanT


I agree with @DanT as to the added costs for the add-ons. There are fields in reporting options ie Custom List/Custom Fields that I can see what they would be used for generally. I have had to use custom fields in the "Item" to get a report showing Supplier No, List Price and Discount which I have had to manually fill in for each of the 2000+ stock items I have.  There is no standard report that includes these three vital data fields in the options. I have been using MYOB inception and still have my Plus4 version for my own private work. This new platform is just a nightmare. 

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Hi @okcorale,


You're lucky, I'm not even able to move to the latest version and am still stuck on v19 as MYOB still don't support multi-currency customers.  This product has been out for a number of years and it beggars believe that they still haven't delivered this basic and core functionality for an island nation where import/export is so much of many businesses requirements.


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Yes this would be a great idea. Reporting and the ability (inability) to extract/upload information to MYOB would be one of the major reasons people leave this platform. I