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Report: Aged Payables [Detail] - Job Number

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Good afternoon,


Leeya suggested that I post my idea for a new Aged Payables report that also has a Job No Field. This report would allow you to specify a job # so all purchases relating to a particular job are listed. That way say for example if 1 invoice is split into 3 jobs & then if you only specify one job on the report, only the section allocated to that one job on the invoice is shown in the report. Another benefit of this report is also the convenience of not needing to export to excel to filter out any other job or admin purchases.


Hope you agree! Smiley Happy


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"Aged Payables Report - Job Specific"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2012

Thanks for the feedback. I'm interested to understand more about the administrative task you need to complete with the report. The Payable reports are really designed to show a summary of what is owed to Suppliers, and as such they don't report at the detailed transaction line level which by the sounds of it is what you need. Other reports such as Purchases Supplier allow you to add the Job fields, if you had a Job filter on these detailed reports would it help?

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I could not find in our MYOB Accountright Version 2019.2 any report "Aged Payables [ Detail] -Job Number". 


We are runing construction at different sites. I need to run a report of aged payable by job number. Anyone can post the step by step instruction to acheive this.

Appreciate if you could email me as well