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Report: Aged Receivables [Summary] - Include Credit Limit

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The Credit Limit field is not available for selection on any Debtors report, yet this is a critical field enable good receivables management.  Whilst I can export the data from the Card files and do a vlookup in Excel, it's not practical to do this each time.  This field needs to be available for adding into any Sales report but especially the Receivables/Ageing reports.


"Credit Limit field not available on any Debtors report"

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i am trying to export an accounts payable report to rexcel but the button is not able to be selected when I am working on my laptop?

Can easily export when working from desktop...ant ideas on how to fix that?


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So currently there is no report that I can find that shows a debtors Credit Limit. We import all our invoices into AccountRight, so we never have an oppotunity to see the warning about a debtor exceeding their credit limit, which only appears when a manually created invoice is recorded. If there's a way to add the Credit Limit field to an existing debtor report that would be a huge advantage to us for our receivables. Or even a warning in the Log files from an Import that displays which imported debtor's invoices exceeded the credit limit.