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Report: Category Profit & Loss Statement - Multi Period

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We use categories for our Sydney and Branch operational but MYOB does not have facility under Categories Option to produce Multispreadsheet Profit and Loss. To compare month to month I have to do manually in excell which is a pain.  Appreciate if MYOB will enhance the report.


"Multipreadsheet  Profit and Loss under Categories Option"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: August 2013

Thanks for the idea. I can see how having this report would be a time saver. We encourage other users who would like the ability to use categories on the Multi Period spreadsheet profit and loss reports to vote and add further comments.

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Any updates on this?  Still waiting MYOB....

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Absolutely!!!! Categories is a vital component/requirement for our business, and it would also be good to have the Last Year Analysis reports available as well.

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my multi-period P&L shows a different figure than the normal P&L statement report for the same periods why is that as it is only the depreciation account that is different


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Multi period for categories and jobs.   A bit of a no-brainer.  How hard can it be to add a filter to the Multi Period P&L.


Another reason to recommend Xero to clients....