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Report: Change of bank account detials





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The audit trail DOES NOT show when bank account details have been changed (ie for suppliers/employees). 

It reports if the address/phone etc has been changed but not the bank account details. 


This is Fraud 101 - is this going to be fixed?


If I have misunderstood, please let me know, but a MYOB representative did confirm this for me.


"Audit trail does not show change in bank account details'

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2013

Thank you for your suggestion. I just want to confirm exactly where you're talking about changing the Bank Account details. Changes to the Card File are not designed to show on the Audit Trail Report so I wouldn't expect that sort of change to show through, unless this information was recorded on a transaction itself and then changed after the fact.

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Hi team,


Been doing an audit on where ceratin payments were sent to

That is BSB and Account Number details.


The Electronic Payment report generated by MYOB shows the CURRENT BSB and Account number, as shown in the Card for that supplier, under payment details.


I consider that it should show

the ACCOUNT and BSB Numbers where the payment actually went.


This hole in your system makes looking for fradulant activity IMPOSSIBLE to trace.


Please advise how the system can be improved for legal trace purposes.


David Lester

"Log changes to Supplier BSB and Account Numbers

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Another alternative might be to create a report which would show any changes made to supplier cards. I would think that this would assist a lot of companies in improving their internal controls. In fact, I can't believe that this report doesn't already exist!

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Thank you for sharing your possible alternative way of tracking that BSB information. I have shared your thoughts with the team.

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Whilst I agree that it is good that you can restrict user access to supplier cards, someone still needs to be the administrator, so there will always be someone who can access the card details.  And some users will need to make genuine changes to supplier cards.  That is why it is crucial that a report listing changes to supplier cards, and new suppllier cards added be produced.

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Thank you for your feedback and thoughts in regards to this idea. Also thanks for voting for this idea.

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Has this been fixed yet?????

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Hi @nzuser


Thank you for enquiry and voting for this idea.

At this particular stage this idea has been marked as planned. We are still looking into ways this can be implemented into the software going forward. However we are still encouraging users that would like to see this particular idea to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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This is such an important and basic reporting and security function and I can't believe it hasn't been corrected/added in over 4 years since it was first flagged by ASWatCR. We have just experienced fraudulent activity through a third party user login and will now need to go throgh hundreds of supplier details to confirm our 'Supplier'  and 'Payroll' BSB and account numbers have not been changed. A simple user-based audit report would solve this issue immediately.

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Please can you update the progress of this "planned" change - I have just read a shocking incident where access was gained to MYOB and a bank account number was changed - but there is no record in the audit trail that this happened??

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Having had clients where this has resulted in major fraud, I think this is an important report to have.  

In the meantime, I advise clients to make the owner of the business the only one who can set up the banking details for suppliers and to lock everyone else out from this.  It is inconvenient, but a lot better than suffering the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An audit report to see if supplier banking details would help protect against this.  If the audit report also included when new supplier cards were added, who added the supplier cards and flagged if there were any duplicate banking details, that would make it even better.

A common fraud scenario that we have seen is for an accounts person to dummy up supplier invoices, but have the invoices all paid to their personal bank account - flagging the duplicates would pick that up very quickly.