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Report: Customer Payments [Closed Invoices] - Average days until paid (all customers)

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I would like MYOB to be able to tell me my total average debtors 'days to pay invoices' figure, for a chosen period of time. 


The 'Customer Payments [Closed Invoices]' report lists the 'days 'till paid' for each invoice and then an average for that customer, but not a total for all customers.


I know that there is a standard formula for working out debtor days, but this only works correctly if you have a business that sells fairly consistently throughout the year.  I work in agriculture and 80% of the business income comes in over a 5 month period.  This makes the debtor days formula result inconsistent.


MYOB knows exactly how long each invoice takes to pay and the average days to pay for all invoices would be quite a simple calculation for MYOB. 


I suggest that the report 'Customer Payments [Closed Invoices]' has a total line at the bottom that shows the average debtor days for all the customers listed in the report.


"Average Debtor Days Report"

MYOB Moderator KattC
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Hello @DeannaK, Thank you for your suggestion for the customer payments report. I can see how this would be helpful for users to have this information made available. I encourage any one that would like to see this implemented to vote and post relevant comments.



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The average days to pay is already shown in the customer cards so I would think pulling the data into a report format should be pretty easy for MYOB.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @Chuck_Mak


Thank you for your thoughts in regards to this report. it has been passed it to the required team.

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This would be extremely useful for me as I am trying to create a report like this as we speak and can't get an average with all customers included.