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Report: Employee Employment Details - Multiple employees on a page

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Is it possible to make it an option to print the 'Employee Employment Details' Report not all on seperate pages?


If you only want a report with say employee's names and their annual salaries there is no option to not have this on seperate pages. Listing this information one after an other on a few pages would be much better than having lots of pages without much on them.


I can't export this report to Excel for some reason (the option is faded out). Is this a MYOB issue?


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"Ability to print 'Employee Employment Details Report' on same page"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: June 2014

Hello Christie. Thanks for your great suggestion. Anyone else who would like to see multiple employees per page on the 'Employee Employment Details' report, please cast your vote here.

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MYOB people, can we please move this one along in the queue? This should be quite an easy fix, but would make reporting so much easier.

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How ridiculous, 6 years on from this GREAT Idea - it is still not possible - being the only report where I can get Start Dates, Annual Salary etc, to not be able to be on ONE page is ridiculous - our payroll can go out to 150 employees during the year - so this report is so vital, how nice it would be that we could use data already available and not have to re enter information.


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And the insulting thing is... there was an option to print multiple employees on a page in the v19 of MYOB.   It was removed when they released the new (not so improved) version about 6 years ago!