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Report: General Ledger [Detail] - Tax column

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I wouldn't think this was a particularly difficult thing to 'add' in to MYOB general ledger detail reports (or in the GST/Tax area etc) but we definitely DO need to be able to simply customise our MYOB general ledger details report so as to 'add' a column on that report to show the GST claimed/paid in respect of ANY transaction.


This makes it very quick and easy to pick a particular account, have the appropriate column filters ON (including the tax amount column) to drill down and not only see account totals but to determine which PARTICULAR/INDIVIDUAL accounts have had GST treated correctly.


Exception reports are fine...but when explaining to a client, it is far easier to simply bring up an account and show them which accounts are not doing what we need/expect them to do.


By having a 'tax column' account, it will also benefit the accountant by totalling up the GST applicable to those transactions without meticulously wasting time clicking into transactions one at a time then manually adding up as a basis for a journal adjustment.


Quickbooks has this simple tax amount column available to ALL ledger transaction detail reports and I think it is long overdue in MYOB reporting. Very simple for accountants and clients to make use of...please add in ASAP!


I have attached a QB report which is just a basic drill down into the general ledger of 'bank fees' --> I simply select tax column and it shows me which transactions did or did not have GST claimed on them WITHOUT having to view all transactions for a month/quarter/year for ALL accounts.


An exception report is great for bookkeepers or those at a data entry level...the column I refer to is a simple addition which helps accountants check particular accounts at a quick glance and gives us the information in a split second including the totals which form the basis for any adjustment required.

I also discussed this with a MYOB training representative some time ago in Brisbane who advised that this functionality was not and was never part of the MYOB reporting system. A MYOB representative advised us late yesterday to submit this here in the hope that it would be considered and adopted in newer versions...please do!


"Tax Amount Column"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Thank you for the suggestion, making reports easier to look at and get all the information you need is something that we're always keen to look into. Any other members that would like to see this added, please do keep voting and commenting.

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This should be a simple report to do... I have added my vote

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I too want this functionality - I used to use it all the time and now would not recommend MYOB based on this - the reports seem to have become very limited and inflexible.


The GL Detail should have the ability to show the GST code attached to each transaction (regardless of what the default for the GL code is set to), and it would also be great if the GST details reports were able to show the GL Account.


This allows for quick review of accounts like bank fees, donations, wages, etc to ensure no GST.


I have added my vote.

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I have been raising this fundamental issue for many years now with each MYOB representative that vists our accountancy firm and nothing has been done.


Quite simply accountants need the ability to look at a detailed general ledger listing by account code that includes the gross, GST and net amounts. This feature is available in MAS4, Banklink, Quickbooks and Zero. The requested change will lead to significant time savings for our accountants and enable clients to more easily check GST has been correctly accounted for.


Calling all MYOB users, accountants and bookkeepers to support a strong call and vote to convince MYOB to incorporate a GST amount column (gross, GST and net) in general ledger reports.


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Hello @Lino


Thank you for the great suggestions and feedback you have given. I believe this would be a great tool if it was implemented into the software, for the general ledger reports.  


I encourage all users that would like to see this report in a future upgrade to comment and vote on this idea as well.

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Hello Lino,


There is already a report in MYOB that does this. I use the GST (Detail - Accrual) Report for the period i want to check. this gives each tax type and the amount of GST. i usually customide the report on the Additional Filters tab so that the amount is GST Exclusive, so making it easier to check that the GST is 10% of the amount.

From the report you can easilly drill into the actual transaction to check it.




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Suggestion for future MYOB Accountright versions:


At the Detailed Ledger report, Insert/Modify, Show/Hide Columns .....


Please make it possible to add an available column of the GST claimed/collected on each transaction. I am sure the data is already available.


It would be useful to see on a glimpse if GST was correctly claimed on each transaction for a specific type of expense or ledger account. At the moment I have to click on each transaction.


This GST column is possible in other Accounting software such as Sage Pastel.





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I was wonderinf if it wouldn't be too difficult to be able to add a column to the GL Reoprts to show the GST on each of the transactions.  This is being done in Essentials at the moment and is great but still can't be done in Account Right.




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Hi @Emma_BGR & @KathrynB


Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight and the General Ledger Reports.

I've merged your ideas with this one already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

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Agree that its really important to be able to  see exactly how any transaction was treated for GST purposes-this is something that is really hard to track in MYOB –can only tell by going into transction or checking the GST ledger which is really timeconsuming. To be able to have another column in GL like in Quickbooks & most other accountign software packages is ESSENTIAL.

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I couldn't agree more and have raised this with MYOB representatives and account managers repeatedly to no avail. It is time MYOB acted on this and listened to accountants!