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Report: Job Profit & Loss Statement - Include $0.00 accounts

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Having just spent what seemed like ages juggling excel to align three job P&L's  with the Total P&L I was frustrated with the (my?)  inability to call up zero balances. Has it vanished or was it just me? The P &L and the Balance Sheet that should have big hot buttons to show acc# and zero balances


"Zero balances on job profit and loss"

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Hi Everyone

The Job profit & loss comparison report has the ability to include accounts with zero balances. This report can be run for an individual job or multiple jobs.

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The above advice that this functionality is done is false. The Job Profit & Loss Statement in Account Right does not give the facility to include zero balances. AccountRight doesn't even have a Job P&L comparison report so I assume this relates to a different MYOB product.


It's likely a waste of breath given the OP is 10 years old, but we also would like to extract the Job Profit & Loss statement into excel and be able to set up formulas to grab what data we need and do what we need it to do, which requires the facility to include zero balances (otherwise the cell references change every time). So +1 to adding this functionality, please.