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Report: Job Profit & Loss Statement - Include Budget values

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In previous versions of MYOB you were able to print the Job Profit & Loss report with the Budget Figures.  However with Account Right 2013.3 this facility is no longer available.  PLEASE re-consider the removal of this feature as it is a necessary part of using the Job function.


"Job Profit & Loss to Include Budget Figures"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2013

Thank you for the post, ReefGroup. As suggested by MickDevine, you may find that the Job (Budget Analysis) report has the information that you are after, as it contains details of the Actuals as well as budgeted figures for Jobs. However I have passed on your feedback to our Developers to consider adding the Budgeted field back into the Jobs P&L report. We request others who would like this to be brought back to please Vote and add comments.

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We have upgraded from MYOB ver.19.5 to Myob 2017 and the filters in the reports are so scant compared to the older version.  It seems we can no longer choose what fileds we would like to have on our reports (or am I missing something?)  I need to be able to have the Job Profit and Loss show the budget figures next to each job for our Finance committee and Board of Directors but don't see how this is possible anymore.


Could you please tell me if I am able to do this and I'm not seeing it or could you please restore the features of the older version so that we really can Mind Our Own Business because currently this seems to be so restricted and un-user friendly which is casuing me to look at other accounting programs.



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@GCCISI'm not sure if the fields you are looking for will be available (some disappeared from a lot of my regular reports too) but the place to change the settings/selections is hidden away on the "insert/modify" tab after you run the report. Then there is a "Show/Hide" button. You're right though, I can't see an option to include budget information on the Job P&L Report so this response is probably no help at all. Sorry.

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Thanks Heather for trying.

Yes there's no option that I can see either.  Disappointing. Smiley Frustrated

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Can you please add the option of including the budget into the Job Profit & Loss Statement, like we could do in v19?  I use a LOT of job codes & rely heavily upon these reports on a monthly basis to gauge our performance in relation to different funding streams.  This report was quick & easy in v19 but isn't available in the online version, which means I will need to run two reports to get the same information that I previously gained from one.  The 'column' options to include in the online version are quite limited for this report.


Thank you, I sincerely hope this is considered.



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since moving to 2018.3 we are no longer able to print a JOB Profit and Loss report with Budget values attached , this option has been removed and we now have to print 2 reports to obtain the same information that was originally in one - is ther any chance this will be reinstated ?

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would appreciate if MYOB could reinstate the ability to attach a budget to the Job Profit and Loss statement report. This was available in the previous version 19. - I do not understand why it was removed - we have a large number of jobs and it was much more efficient to review a monthly Job profit and Loss against the budget in one report  rather than having to produce two reports.......May we PLease PLease have this taken in consideration 

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Send me an email to and I will give you the report you need.




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I toltally agree this was a big part of our reporting!!!!

Can you please place this make this option available again