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Report: Jobs [Budget Analysis] - show budget value when no value against account

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We have just installed Account right plus v2013.3


The Budget Analysis report will only display Account Codes that have BOTH a Budget and Expenditure recorded against the account.


We have had expenditure recorded against a job using an expenditure account code but dose not appear in the Budget Analysis Report. 


Also we have had a Budget recorded against a jobs account code, but no expenditure, and this dose not appear in the Budget Analysis Report.


Our previous MYOB v16 did include all activity giving us an accurate view of the Budget,/ Expenditure for each job.


MYOB Tech help could not advise on any solution for us.


Is there a report where we can obtain an accurate Budget vrs Expenditure by Job?





"Jobs Budget Analysis"



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: September 2015

We're pleased to say that this feature was implemented in our 2015.1 update.

Former Staff Mark_Smith
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Hi Eileen, can you please tell us the exact steps you used to get the report in v16. I tried to reproduce in v19 but must not have the right steps. Can I confirm you set up budgets, recorded a series of expense/income and then ran the budget analysis report and it didn't show the items that were not budgetted for? Regards, Mark Smith
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Hi, Mark

You are right that it does not work in v2013.3 but it worked perfectly in v.16. The very simple steps we followed were:


1.  Set up Job

2.  Record Budget against most account codes

3.  Record Expenditure against account codes in jobs as they occur using “Spend Money”.


NB:  Budgets are often not complete at the beginning of the job's life.  In some cases jobs can incur an unexpected expense against a account code where no budget has been set.  If this occurs the Budget Analysis Report in v.2013.3 will be misleading as it will not show any expenditure for that account code.  


Also if we set up a Budget for a job,  this will not be reported on the  Budget Analysis Report in v.2013.3, until expenditure has occurred for that account code. This is also misleading because it reports a lower total job budget than we have estimated.


We would like to see the figures on the Budget Analysis Report show all activity,  ie every time a budget is entered it should be on the report regardless of expenditure having taken place or not.  Also if a job account code has expenditure against it we very much would like to see this expenditure appear on the Budget Analysis Report even if no budget has been set for that account code.  This will give us a true report for that job.

This is what we were used to seeing in v.16 and it is the most important report in the whole system for our business purposes.




Ultimate Partner jenniek
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I would agree - I have many non-profit organisations who use jobs and budgets to track their funding - like Eileen they may or may not have expenditure against them - but they need to see everything. These clients will NOT upgrade to 2013.3 without this feature.

Partner CIBookkeeping
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HI Eileen (@Joe46),


Sorry, just came across your message regarding job reports.


I have found that any expense accounts that have transactions allocated but did not have an original budget, if you enter a budget of $0.01 this will then show on the budget analysis report.


Hope this helps.




Partner DoggedBooks
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I need to produce budget reports for jobs including zero balances, comparing budget to actual expenditure. Vital for providing reports for grants to government agencies.  In the desktop version of MYOB I can filter out the unwanted percentages cloumns and check that I have entered the budget correctly as it will report job budgets with zero expensiture. BUT the cloud version of MYOB is completely useless in this regard.

So not only am I not able to produce payslips in batches that I require, I can't produce the reports for government agencies that I need and the MYOB cloud version is a disgraceful waste of time and money in its present undeveloped format.


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I have rung in and spoken to people a couple of times about this.

We have found this to be a real issue. 


V19 Budget comparison report worked really well even if you didn't have ANY budget figures in.  It is the one Full report that crosses over financial years and for a building firm that has jobs that can cross over periods it was great.


New Account Right Plus does not do this - and the work around suggested of putting $0.01 against each possible GL code is not a practical solution.  (might be okay if you could do it in one go!! - but having to go down and enter it against every code does not work) 


If you enter an expense against a GL code that doesn't have a budget figure against it, it appears to then put that figure in the Budget column as well so the reporting is not reliable.


This needs remedying URGENTLY - at the moment I can't trust the reports that are coming off MYOB and it is wasting too much of staff time trying to ensure we have everything accounted for when invoicing clients.

Contributing Cover User dawesse
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Hi guys

How are you getting on with the Job Budget Analysis report as per previous posts?


This worked great in V19 - need it working in Account Right Plus.  Work around suggested as per previous post is not acceptable, takes far too long and isn't 100% fool proof.


This report is essential to our monthly invoicing and to all back costing of jobs.  We need to be able to compare our actual costs with the original quote/budget.


PLEASE tell me have this nearly sorted !!!

MYOB Moderator Liam_M
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Hello @dawesse 

We do plan to correct this issue in an upcoming update.





MYOB Support

MYOB Moderator Liam_M
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We're pleased to say that this change is currently in development. In an upcoming update, accounts that are budgeted for, but have no activity will appear on the job budget analysis report, as will jobs that have activity, but no budgeted amount.

Contributing Cover User dawesse
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Thanks Liam - can you give me any idea when that Update will be coming out as my excuses for lack of reporting are starting to wear thin with the bosses.