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Report: On which customer cards are on credit hold

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It is one of the most important of all areas for all businesses to keep a tight reign on cash flow and overdue accounts, buy MYOB lets us down badly in credit managment reporting.


Need a simple overdue customer report which can be filtered by all customers who are one or two terms past their invoice term.


Need a report which lists all customers currently on credit hold


Need a report which lists all customers over their credit limit.


Also it would be excellent to see if a customer is on credit hold when you are processing payments.  (Like it comes up when you are invoicing)  That red flag would alert you to check if that customer can come off credit hold.  At present every single payment for every customer has to be checked by zooming into the card to check if they were previously on credit hold.  A big waste of time!!


Please, please fix these things...

"Customer credit control"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thank you for the post. We agree these would be very handy reports to have to help with credit management. I request others to vote on this idea and add any relevant comments.

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I needed Stop Credit clients to be identified. In the customer card file I went to the AADW field and inserted a new entry Stop Credit. Everytime I put a customer on Stop Credit I entered this on their card in the AADW field. You can then get a report that shows you which clients are on stop credit.

Go to Card File

Click on reports.

Card Type Customer

enter in AADW "Stop Credit" and this report shows you all your Stop Credit customer

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Forgot to say. When you remove customer from Stop Credit you will have to go to the card file to remove the AADW field from the customers card

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You have my vote!  I think these functions are absolutely basic to an accounting system & should be a priority.


1. Need a report which lists all customers currently on credit hold.


2. Need a report which lists all customers over their credit limit.


Let me know when these changes have been implemented.  I look forward to it!

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Yes definitely need this

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In next update please MYOB - can't be that hard can it? haha




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Hi @MC33


Thank you for voting and sharing your thoughts in regards to this idea.

Currently this idea has been placed as Under Consideration. At this stage we don't have a direct time frame for when this idea will be placed in development and implemented into the program. However we are still encouraging clients that would like to see this idea added to vote and comment if required.

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I cant believe it's taking so long to add something simple yet very helpful and necessary for your customers.

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It's been 3 years now! When are these reports going to be added?

Could we at least have an update on when this is likely to happen?

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has this been done as I have the same problem.

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We recently upgraded from V19 to 2016.3.  I am dismayed that a basic credit control report is still not available.  The post I am adding to was 2013!!!


I can filter overdues without addons via excel sort but can't access credit hold status. Both reports are essential modern business tools - come on MYOB.


Another great feature would be to show and link to credit holds at payment processing time so we can assess whether to remove the hold if appropriate. Simply good streamline design.