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Report: On which customer cards are on credit hold

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It is one of the most important of all areas for all businesses to keep a tight reign on cash flow and overdue accounts, buy MYOB lets us down badly in credit managment reporting.


Need a simple overdue customer report which can be filtered by all customers who are one or two terms past their invoice term.


Need a report which lists all customers currently on credit hold


Need a report which lists all customers over their credit limit.


Also it would be excellent to see if a customer is on credit hold when you are processing payments.  (Like it comes up when you are invoicing)  That red flag would alert you to check if that customer can come off credit hold.  At present every single payment for every customer has to be checked by zooming into the card to check if they were previously on credit hold.  A big waste of time!!


Please, please fix these things...

"Customer credit control"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thank you for the post. We agree these would be very handy reports to have to help with credit management. I request others to vote on this idea and add any relevant comments.

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We have a number of branches who enter their own sales invoices in MYOB.  Our head office looks after credit control however customer payments are also entered by a number of staff.


Without the list of customers on credit hold it is far too difficult to track which ones should be removed.  Sales to customers are therefore delayed as branches don't have the authority to take a customer off hold.


Why provide this function if we can't even track it.  

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A report for those marked on "Credit Hold" would be very, very useful