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Report: Payroll Verification - Show zero dollar amounts

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Hello Developers


Any chance we can get the Leave Without Pay category to show up on the Payroll Verification Report.  I realise it results in a zero $$ line, that is probalby why it is not showing, but it would be most beneficial to me if it did.




"Payroll Verification report and LWOP"

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We have a payroll category for any unpaid time (leave, Overtime etc). When we run the pay details report to check against everyone’s time sheets it doesn’t show up, so we then have to go into each person’s employee card who does have anything unpaid and manually write on the pay details report how many hours.The old Premier V19 MYOB use to show this. Is there a way to get this onto the report? We need this ASAP
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Agree, this is needed ASAP.

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It would also be helpful to show the Calc. Rate on this report, ie the hourly rate.

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It would be great if all zero$ line items would show up and one could modify the report to show or not show the items. 

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This also needs to show up on the payroll register reports.  It will save trawling back through years of wages sheets to find out how much unpaid leave is taken, as you need to know when you are doing proper LSL calculations out of MYOB.

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Yes totally agree - so frustrating that they have removed this feature from the payroll verification report!