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Report: Payroll Verification - include Year to Date (YTD) amount

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Before STP, I would record the pays and print the payslips so I could check each and every detail and see exactly what the employee would be seeing on their payslip and if there are any errors, I would delete the pay and make the correction on a new payrun. With STP, doing this creates multiple payruns to be uploaded to ATO. The new "Preview Pay Details" tab is a good idea to be able to check the pays before recording, however, it does not show exactly what will be on the payslip. eg: notes typed in memo or YTD figures. Can this new "Preview Pay Details" show a draft copy of the actual payslip for each employee on a seperate page. Other programs such as Quickbooks (I prefer MYOB) has a draft payslip feature and then after all is checked and verified, the "Finalise Pay' button is clicked. To avoid multiple payruns to be uploaded to ATO this feature is critical for me. Are there going to be any improvements in this area with MYOB?


"Draft payslip for STP purposes"

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