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Report: Purchases [Item Detail] - Job number filter

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Would those in charge of product development be able to look at adding a job number filter (on the advanced filter tab) to the following reports:


Purchases -> Item -> Purchases Detail

Purchases -> Supplier -> Purchases Detail

Purchases -> Purchase Register -> Open Bills & Orders



 "Filtering Purchase Reports by Job - AccountRight Premier V19.7"


Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thats a great idea so you can see purchase information for particular jobs. We are unlikely to implement this in v19, but we'll look at it in V20xx please vote it up folks.

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It would be good if MYOB Account Right could give a report which lists invoice items against a specific job number. So you can see individual materials booked to a job.Currently the only report is the Job Transactions (Accrual) which lists invoice number, Date, Supplier and the debit amount only. To identify the item you have to click the magnifiying glass on each line to see what the item is.

Alternatively you can send the Item Purchases Report to excell and sort and manipulate the data which is very time consuming.

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We are a medium sized manufacturing company and we use the job number section of MYOB alot. I want to be able to print a list of all parts used for each job. Can I already do this in the current MYOB or can it possibly be added? I can print a report of invoices for each job, but not each individual part number and description. This would make my job sooooo much easier.


I'm also currently trying to use the time billing section to record employees and their hours worked to each job number. How can I successfully do this? I don't use the activity section, only the job number section.


I also think that a general note section would be helpful. Somewhere that meetings can be recorded, where an alarm can be set, or a notification can appear on the side of the screen. Maybe a to do list and a reminder.


I'm also wondering if a broader serach range will ever be added? We use truck dealers and end users, with vehicle details and VIN numbers. It would be beneficial to use if we could search VIN numbers, vehicle details, rego numbers etc.


Hopefully someone can help me out with all of these questions :-)

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Hi I have just started working for a medium sized company and looking at similar issues. We repair motors mostly quoted jobs. I would like to be able to record  3 identifying bits of info about a motor so I can use it to search past jobs to find a repair done on same size and type of motor and use info to quote. Also want to set up each the steps of a repair as an inventory item so can use to quote job?? Anyone out there doing similar already. Maybe I need to look at EXO job costing module but don't want anything to fancy just yet.tegards to all Jo 0439853232

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Thats a great idea so you can see purchase information for particular jobs. We are unlikely to implement this in v19, but we'll look at it in V20xx please vote it up folks.

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I think this is a great idea, we enter our bills as service layout, but would like to be able to go to invoice, and simply type the job number in, and all the lines from service layout bills come up automatically, with our default mark up added.


Having labour in the same invoice would be amazing!

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Yes, MYOB definately needs to be improved with regards to searching for invoices under a particular job number.  All of our work sites are allocated a job number so that all purchases for that job are put back to their respective jobs which makes for easier and more accurate Job Budget Analysis.  When it comes time to check how many invoices a certain supplier has with us on that one job, there is no report showing the invoice number (not ID number), invoice value and supplier name under the selected job number.  ID number means nothing to us and you need the invoice number if there was a query with a certain invoice.