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Report Required - Portable Long Service Leave calculation

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I would like to request that MYOB create or allow additional fields in current reports, to produce a Portable Long Service (PLS) Leave expense report that can be used to submit the required levy reporting details to the PLS Authority.


Currently MYOB allows the calculation and recording of the levy, which I have set up and works well.

However there is no straight forward report that can be used to show:

  1. Eligible Hours used to calculate the 1.65% levy.
  2. Eligible Wages used to calculate the 1.65% levy.


MYOB already calculates the levy but only shows the dollar amount not the associated eligible hours, which are needed to report to the portable long service leave authority.


An example of the report needed is as per attached.


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Thank you for your suggestion. We'll relay your idea/feedback to the relevant team.