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Reporting over multiple financial years

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Would love to see the functionality to be able to report over multiple financial years.  We are a building company and jobs span across more than one financial year every time.  It is frustrating to have to roll back a company file or reinstate a prior back up to obtain information on P/L, categories and job info.  This should be a quick reporting process which turns into an hour long task and is very frustrating.  I have seen many complaints about this feature not being available and can't see why it wouldn't be an easy fix in this program after all of these years.

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There have been many requests to MYOB for a multi year P&L (5 or 7) over the years.


I understand that MYOB's major competitor has a P&L and Balance Sheet up to 7 years.


As a Financial Adviser, I find a multi year P&L and Balance Sheet to be very useful.