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Reports: ATO Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

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Will we be able to use AccountRight to submit forms to the ATO with future updates of AccountRight?


I expected that we'd be able to submit Tax File Number Declarations with the current release as the function was said to be in beta testing for at least the last 2 years.


I've read the support note here but it doesn't give any indication that it will be functional in this current release.


It would be a very useful feature for anyone using myob as their payroll software.


So, any updates?





Current Status: Planned
Last Changed: October 2016

Hi all,


Thank you to everyone who registered to pilot a new service, between MYOB and the ATO.


Our team is currently working on making the completion and lodgement of BAS much simpler and faster. Once done, we will look into other aspects of the SBR initiative, like electronic lodgement of TFNs. We will keep you posted via this idea post and the AccountRight Blog.




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Maybe in a future newsletter or compliance update notification, MYOB could ask all their users to simply click on a "yes" or "no" or "never heard of it" in the email to indicate whether they would use this function. That would then provide feedback from a far greater number of users than just those who are aware of this forum.


I don't think using this forum only is an accurate gauge. It is starting to become very hard to find things due to the sheer volume of suggestions and comments.

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Absolutely Heather!


I think MYOB could even take it an extra step and pick a handful of 'high-rated' older ideas that haven't been implemented and get people to vote on them and have new ones each newsletter!

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Hi @HeatherDBS and @Jace_IT_Figures,

Thank you for the suggestion. I really like the idea of including a list of Top Ideas in our newsletter, and welcoming users to vote. Like you said, even though we have a very active forum, with close to 90,000 registered members, not all of our customers are aware of the existence of the Forum and the Idea Exchange boards.

I will work on this, and try to implement a process as soon as possible.

Thank you, once again.


Suja Pillai

Social Support Manager

MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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Hi all, This has, for obvious reasons, been one of our very poular ideas for a while now. I'm glad to say that our team is looking into and working on various aspects of the SBR initiative. We will keep you posted via this idea post and the AccountRight Blog.

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I see this was requested in 2010, yet MYOB still does not have this ability.  Sending this report direct to the ATO.


It would be idea, especailly when we put on over 800 staff in a matter of a couple of months in the peak fruit picking season.


Please advise that this is being looked into.


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I agree that having the ability to lodge ATO forms would make life a lot easier and quicker instead of using the old fashioned mailing system. 

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No way of finding out if this is available yet?  This thread is years old...why is it not available?

Caryn Hill

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I cannot believe that MYOB is still NOT SBR enabled. Why I cannot lodge a simple TFN Decleration through MYOB is a joke. Zero were all over it Years ago.

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On the flip side, Xero wont print a Standard Super Choice form for you, something that MYOB will do.


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Please get this feature done and dusted, this should be an absolute basic if you are going to offer a payroll solution