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Reports: Ability to produce reports for more than current, next and last financial years (historical information)

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It is very frustrating that reporting is not available more than the 12 months prior to the current financial year. Now that we have been in the business for nearly 5 years we would like to look at and analyse how we have performed.

It seems without accessing and restoring prior years data this is not achieveable. What a HUGE let down. This should be a simple process, that is not time consuming. I have not worked with accounting packages before that dont provide this.

I believe this is something that should be looked at as a matter of urgency.


"Historical Reporting"

Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Statement

General Ledger 

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March

Hi Everyone

From AccountRight 2020.4, users can produce reports for the current, next and past financial years.


The AccountRight browser also allows the user to select dates that fall in different financial years for reporting.

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Thanks for your great suggestion regarding reporting Tricia. To clarify there are a number of reports that can already be run for any period. For instance most sales and purchases reports can be run for any period. However there are also a number of reports (like the profit and loss report and general ledger reports) that can only be run for restricted periods. Anyone who would like to see these restrictions lifted in future versions, please cast your vote for this idea.
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Absolutely!!!!  I was under the impression that one of the major benefits of this new SQL platform was so we could have this capability.


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 Hi @DebraAnderson 

Thank you for voting and commenting for this idea. I've passed your feedback.

The SQL platform (AccountRight 2015) retains that data rather than the Classic versions which you could purge that information out. So as the data is in the system it is in theory possible for the program to pull that information like the sales/purchase reports. However its those restrictions for current, last and next financial year that are stopping them from getting pulled. This Idea has been suggested to removed those restrictions so you can get those financial reports for historical years.

Once again thank you for voting for this idea and your feedback.

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I agree with Geoff and Seattle, to be able to access the GL for prior years and to have comparison reports for 5 years have been on my wish list for years.


Would it be possible to permantly lock a period rather than rollover after the business's tax return and annual reports have been finalised and reconciled to the data file?   Allowing for the detail of the transactions to be available in reports until it has been agreed between the client/bookkeeper and accountant that the data can be purged.   

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Would it be possible to consider having a way to generate Accounting Reports that stretch across multiple Financial years.


For example - be able to generate a Profit & Loss statement that stretches back from 2008 to 2015?




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 Hi @John_P


You will find some of the Add-on Solution providers can allow you to easily report accross financial years like this, see -


As an example our software Business Intelligence for MYOB can report P&L but also Sales ( by Item, by Customer etc) , Jobs, Purchases etc across as many years as you have data for in your MYOB company file.


See below an example P&L accross 3 years.


Multi Year P&L.png


(Note however as we build up from the detailed transactions in MYOB we can only produce reports on years where you HAVE NOT PURGED your MYOB data). If you have Purged historical years then you can add into the reporting an old backup file from earlier years, consolidate that with your current file and then report on a combination of the old MYOB file and the current one. Provided you have a clean cut off from the old file to the new one you will be able to produce the above report accross the years.)


All details and a you can Sign Up for a 14 day free trial from our website at


I hope this helps.

Jennifer Kelly CA

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@Steven_M @DebraAnderson




I understand Xero does have Multi Year Reporting up to seven years.

One would think it was paramount for MYOB to match Xero's reporting.


Can you confirm whether MYOB Tax software has a 5 year P&L as mentioned to me by a MYOB representative at MYOB Connect in February 2016.


One of the difficulties is that Tax Agents only report using Current and Current -1.

If MYOB has a 5 year P&L in its tax software, why is it not utilised by Tax Accountants?


One can only hope that Tax Accountants concentrate on ongoing business and tax advice and not historical tax compliance.


Duncan Smith

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Hi @DuncanS


Accountant Division products are not my speciality, I work mainly with the AccountRight programs.

However my understanding after speaking with the Accountants Division team is that with the Accountant Office Tax program you can display most reports for the period of 2010 - through to the current tax year. It would be on a per tax year basis not across the full financial years i.e. you can't do one single report for 2010 to 2016.

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Thanks for the update on Accountants Office.


I do believe that MYOB should be working on a 5 year P&L as a matter of urgency.


One does wonder if old style Tax Accountants would use it.

It may be that the government should change the reporting format/standards.


Duncan Smith

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As an accountant dealing with multiple clients, I'm frustrated that I cannot run the GL Detail Report for prior years - particularly when I'm researching an asset, liability or equity account - that is, what its' balance comprises.

It's particularly important at year end, when I'm preparing the annual accounts.


Currently I have to instead run a Find Transactions query and then save the screen as a GIF picture, using the Windows 10 Snipping Tool. An unprofessional solution.


Kym Yeowarrd CPA ACIS