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Reports: Ability to produce reports for more than current, next and last financial years (historical information)

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It is very frustrating that reporting is not available more than the 12 months prior to the current financial year. Now that we have been in the business for nearly 5 years we would like to look at and analyse how we have performed.

It seems without accessing and restoring prior years data this is not achieveable. What a HUGE let down. This should be a simple process, that is not time consuming. I have not worked with accounting packages before that dont provide this.

I believe this is something that should be looked at as a matter of urgency.


"Historical Reporting"

Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Statement

General Ledger 

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: June 2014

Thanks for your great suggestion regarding reporting Tricia. To clarify there are a number of reports that can already be run for any period. For instance most sales and purchases reports can be run for any period. However there are also a number of reports (like the profit and loss report and general ledger reports) that can only be run for restricted periods. Anyone who would like to see these restrictions lifted in future versions, please cast your vote for this idea.

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I have been told the only way to get data from years gone by is to retore each year and get that report.  Why can we not put in date perameters say 2012 (when I started using MYOB) and present and get a report to cover the entire time span?  Sad I say, just sad.  We pay a lot for a program that is limited and restrictive. Me not happy! (:

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I completely agree. I am trying to run a business with PLANNING and BUDGETING. Being able to look back only one year and budget forward only one year is incredibly limiting. It is a big wrench to move to a new system but with only one year's history at my fingertips and only two years in any one backup it is not such a big move to change to another program that will give me longer term history and budgeting. Actively going to see if I can find something. My old simple cashbook software had way more functionality in this respect

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When its required by the ATO to retain records for up to 7years I find MYOB AccountRight inefficient to support.  MYOB account right reporting only allows 3 year periods.  I just went to run all my 2018 reports and I can't because you've got FY20/21 (which hasn't even started) taking up one of the years. The instructions I've found to get previous reports is complex and time consuming and problematic for a novice (locate and restore a backup from before the financial year was rolled).  It could be very costly if I have to ask my accountant. 

When are you planning to make more years available? You should at least have 4 years where one is taken up for a new year that hasn't started. As an interim solution can you run these and provide them to us?  

I wanted to run monthly and yearly P & L statement reports for the past 5 years so I can prepare a summary spreadsheet/report showing the history and trends to help guide the business.   

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It would be nice to be able to report more than two years on the P&L.  Theres many years data available in MYOB but no way to collate it in P&L form to see trends without sending to excel and mucking about with it in there.  I have many clients who would like to see 3-5 years worth of data reporting, and would use this function often.

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I would like the ability to produce a report that is not fixed to one financial year e.g. Jan to Dec which is in line with our business' performance. Is this possible?