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Reports: Add email address of card when selected to email

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Up until this version, one was able to choose a card file with an email address "imbedded" & the email address would automatically be entered in the email address field.  This has not been happening with version Account Right 2012 nor does it occur with Account Right Live.  I have submitted this problem 3 times since April 2012 so now I shall give this format a go.


'Email address not picked up from the card file when sending reports via email - Account Right 2012 & Live Accounts"

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Hi @Super_Hag


Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight. 

A change was made in AccountRight 2015.1 that allowed for when emailing a report the email address was automatically populated by the card's email address. For more information into AccountRight 2015.1 please see AccountRight 2015.1 now available