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Reports: Customer Since field

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We too have been dutifully filling the in the Customer Since field when we set up new cards.  Now that we want to use that data to analyse how many new customers we have set up and when, it is not available for export or on any reports.


We can't understand why that field is not at least available for export.


Please, please, please add it in to Export fields when the software is updated.

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2018

Hi Everyone


With the release of AccountRight 2016.3, you have the option to add in the Cust/Supp Since Column to the Card List Window. As you can export the Card List using the right-click>>Copy to Clipboard option along with adding that column to the window we are marking this particular idea as Implemented. 


For more information on the Card List window please see Help Article: The Card List

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Under the History Tab of each Customer is the option to record a date of 'Customer Since'


I cannot find any report which allows this date to be included or filtered.


This would be a very helpful option particularly in a marketing sence.


"Customer Since field available on more reports."

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Hi there

I have just been through the report menus and was also disappointed not to be able to report this field.

I have been filling in 'Customer since" for some time with each new customer as it seemed like a useful thing to know.  Now I need the info, I was right to collect it and yet it does not seem to be reported.

I guess I'll have to do it card by card and be annoyed.

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Thank you for your post, Bucket_Girl. None of our reports nor Export options appear to have the option to include the Customer Since information. We request all users who would like the ability to do so to please Vote on this idea.
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This is valuable information - not sure why it was left out in the first instance. I have voted for it.

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I've voted for it too - its a good thing to be able to see when you received customers so you can work out how fast your growing.  This then also helps you identify whether you need to take on new staff members to maintain the growing list of clients.


I'm not sure why a field was created if it isn't used in any reporting.  Please add it to a sales report soon.

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Wouldnt it be logical for the system to take the date from the first invoice for this field.


I have just found it and wish I had entered a date here for all my old customers - better the system done it for me.



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Hi @Warwick

Thank you for your feedback in regards to the Customer Since field. I have shared your thoughts with the team

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At last someone from MYOB has taken up this issue.


I first raised the matter in Sept 2012, Warwick added a comment in August 2013 then DJH added a sugestion in April 2015. Steven M from MYOB then responds to Warwick in April 2015 that the issue has been shared with the team. I am not sure what this means even if it is only nearly two years later.


One could say better late than never.

We can only hope a resolution does not take as long.

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Thank you very much for your post and feedback, @GazzaA. Your idea and the comments on the post have been passed on to our developers. Currently we do not have a time frame on when the ability to add the Customer Since field in reports will come about. In the meantime we request everyone who would like this introduced to please add your votes and comments. 

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Hi everyone, I have worked out a way to get access to the Customer Since data field.  


We have purchased the ODBC licence from MYOB. Then I did an MS Query from Microsoft Excel and extracted the data into excel (then I imported it back into MYOB into one of the Custom Fields so that it is now easily accessible on reports etc)  


I understand that you could also do this using MS Access.


Surely someone at MYOB should have been able to advise me that this was possible using the ODBC functionality.  


Therefore I have posted this advice here so that everyone can share it.!