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Reports: Item Description to match recorded value

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It would be helpful if the Item Description in Reports could be what is actually entered on (eg) the invoice rather than the auto-fill description entered for that item.


I print a weekly custom sales report for membership payments for another staff member, but often change the default item description if a payment is split over two "customers" or is a part payment (plus various other reasons).

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Hi ChildcareQLD - can you please describe in more detail the report you are using.  I have just tested using AR2012.9.14 going to Reports, Sales, Customer, Sales (Customer Detail) and this has shown the changed details in the item description without a problem.  Hope we can help ...

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Hi Julie,


Thanks for your response.   I've set up a custom report based on the Item Sales report, as it's only membership items I need to show.


The Sales Customer (Detail) report would be ok, if I could filter by and sort by particular items.


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Is there any resolution to this question?


I too would like to run the Report/Sales/Item/Sales Detail  report, but have a column that lists what has been recorded in the "Description" section of the actual invoice, not the generic Description that appears in the Item Information card.


Any help would be appreciated.




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 Hi @Studio04 

Thank you for feedback and voting for this idea. 

Currently we don't have a solution for this idea. The workaround provided by @ChildcareQLD does sound like a good temporary workaround, you could even send that report to Excel to filter it by items and do some sorting on it if required. 

Once again thank you for your feedback, I have shared it with the team.