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Reports: Remove row underneath column headers in Excel templates

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Please can MYOB remove the additional row (row height is also small) that is between the column headers and the data.

"Reports in excel"

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Me too. Can the developers work on the Excel report templates (e.g. for GL Detail) and unhide the hidden line beneath the Titles line (from memory, it's about line 8) and delete the hidden the border line beneath the report totals. Also, can you make the row  height on line 1 standard (e.g 12 points) and the margin width in column 1 wider (currently it'svery narrow).


This would result in cleaner-looking reports, as save client staff time spent in fixing their Excel report formats.


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Experienced Cover User HeatherDBS
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And also remove the blank rows between entries on the job list report when exported to excel. It makes it harder to sort by different columns.


At least they're finally defaulting to A4 size instead of letter - thanks for that. Smiley Happy

MYOB Product Manager Dale
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AccountRight does support the ability for you to customise the Excel templates used to export.  This does require some knowledge of how Excel templates work, and I would recommend backing up the defaults before you try this.


The following help article may help


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It would be great if there were no blank rows in the AR reports exported to excel.