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Reports: Underlining of subtotals/totals





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I have just migrated a data file from V18.5 to AccountRight 2013 and now when I print the reports all the underlines for my totals and sub totals go right across the page rather than just under the amount columns.


These are the daggiest looking reports I have seen in a long time.


Support tell me there is no option to have these lines appear as they did before.


Surely, if you need lines across the entire width of the page, you would simply turn on the Row Shading option?


"Report underlines"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Hi AlanT, thank you for your feedback. We're always interested to know what improvements our users would like to see, could you let us know some changes that you would like to see in the reports?

Super Partner Nic-acc-addons
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H Alan,


Here's hoping MYOB updates the layout of the reports.


The only advice i can provide would be to download our BudgetLink software which can allow you to run your reports using MYOB data, straight out of excel.


It provides a lot more reporting functionality, and best of all, there is a free version you do not even need to purchase (we only charge users for the hard stuff).


It can solve your issue of needing pretty reports. Being excel based, you can format them exactly as you want to present them to the board, or managers.


Feel free to give it a try.


Best of luck.


Partner AlanT
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Hi Nic, thanks for the suggestion.  I'm actually a VBA programmer myself and this is exactly the sort of thing I've been doing.


I'm just disappointed that they have managed to make the reports look even worse than they were before.



MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Hi AlanT, thank you for your feedback. We're always interested to know what improvements our users would like to see, could you let us know some changes that you would like to see in the reports?
Partner AlanT
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Hi Matthew,

With the older versions of MYOB, the financial reports (BS & PnL) printed under lines beneath total figures such as:





Neat, clean and simple.  The reports from 2013.x print the under lines so they go all the way across the report such as:




I find this new look very ugly and unprofessional.  I would like to see an option that allows the underlines to be formatted similar to the older, cleaner style. 


There is already an option to replace the underlines with shading, so perhaps this could be added as a third option to the drop down list called Row Shading in the Insert/Modify section of the report window:




I look forward to this option being added and please let me know if you require any more details about this suggestion.





MYOB Moderator Barry_C
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Thanks for the detailed screenshots and clarification @AlanT.  This has been most helpful in understanding the major differences between versions. 

If any users would like to see this, please show your support by adding a vote or comment. 

Partner AlanT
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Hi @Barry_C


Any movement on this request?


I just took on a new client and moved him to AccountRight Live.  When he saw the reports, he hated the look with the lines all the way across the page his comment was "My old DOS software generated reports that were easier to read than these.  Can I export the report to Word so I can fix it up?"


Please, can we get some feed back about this.  Has it been under consideration long enough?





Community Manager Suja_P
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Hi @AlanT,


Unfortunately we do not have an update on when these changes will be implemented.


I have brought your suggestion to the attention of our developers and hope for it to be included in a future update.


Thank you for your patience in the meantime.



MYOB Support

Partner AlanT
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Hi @Suja_P 


It has been a while now since I first asked about this (over a year) and numerous updates have been released since it was changed to 'Under Consideration' , but still no joy.