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Restrict access to payroll should flow through to electronic payments and bank register

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User Access: Restrict access to payroll should flow through to electronic payments and bank register
Version 19 of MYOB had the correct and compliant access set up so that users with bank access but no payroll access were not able to drill down and see payroll information from the bank transactions.  Account Right does not have this VERY IMPORTANT feature????
User access has been restricted from the payroll area & that appears to work if they look at the payroll accounts but not for the bank transactions drill down into payroll.

Payroll is paid via electronic payments and the net pay for all staff shows up there.


Please rectify this as soon as possible.  Confidentiallity is important in the workplace.


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We had the same issue and couldn't find a way to solve it. Payroll could be seen in electronic payment account and bank register report.


Could MYOB advise how to do with it?


Thank you

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Agree withthe above comment. We're a small/medium business where we need staff to see deposits to process orders, but don't want them to have access to payments made from our account - which includes staff wages.

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Hi MYOB Team,


Can you please advise on whether there's any way to restrict the access on the mentioned issue? Thanks

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To allow every one access to confidential/ private payments is crazy.

Next the staff will be saying why am I worth less the the other staff. 

I think this is a very important issue that myob need to address quck smart as there programe has allowed a backdoor to infomation that should not be available  

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WOW  - not impressed with this news at all

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Unbelievable that this feature is still not improved - or left as it was back in good old V19 days. In today's world of confidentiality this request should be a PRIORITY!!

No access to Payroll - tick - means NO access.

I do not want staff to access my details - under any circumstances and I am sure your programmers/developers would want their payroll to be just as confidential.

Earlier suggestion was to run Payroll in another program - yes, quite probably Xero!!!!